Nature Cure Centre



Naturopathy helps the human system to remove from ones body, toxins and other unwanted matter which may be the cause of disease. This science of the human mind and body is based on the primary belief that we fall ill when we go against the rules of nature and that all healing powers lie within our body.

In the wilderness of the Bhosari village, where the land was a barren rocky expanse, our founder, Late Shri Ratanchandji Lunkad, took the challenge of converting it to a place of health and well being, a place where one could get solitude and comfort. He first took upon himself to convert the brown barren land into into lush green by making huge plantations. This gradually led to the foundation of the Nature Cure Centre.

A 100 bed, well-equipped, nature cure hospital run by an efficient and professional team of Doctors and Physios now runs successfully and is famous for its various health therapies for diabetes, obesity, hyper-tension, and much more. Relaxing Massages, mud therapies, oil therapies, anti-toxin diets, yoga, ….the list of what you can do here, goes on. 

Under the able hands of Nature Cure Specialist , HOD, Dr. Arya, the hospital has done well for the believers of alternative healing.