Computer Rentals

Started in 2000 and has ever since best serving software companies engineer for all their hardware and software needs.

We provide 24×7 engineers for all IT needs of our clients with almost “ZERO DOWNTIME” which is the need in the IT industry.

Infrastructure & Equipment

  • NMC SOFTWARE has high end PC’s suitable for normal development work,
  • high end graphics work or CAD/CAM.
  • We can also provide Servers customized as per your need and suitable for various applications like Web services, Database Servers and Application servers suitable for Intranet usage.

Machine configuration

  • System with latest configuration.
  • NT4 proxy/e-mail servers
  • Red Hat Linux Server
  • Macintosh PCs

Computer Networking

  • We are equipped to offer consultancy on networking and have best of talent available based on TCP/IP and Novell Netware.


  • NMC Software is equipped with latest call handling equipment and state of the art EPABX systems, mobiles and pagers for call escalation and communication services.

Team Size

  • NMC Software currently has a scalable technical customer services team of 10 engineers and is supported by work controller, Service Managers, Stores personnel.

Skill Sets
The skill sets of the Software division can be best described as follows:

  • MCSE: 4 Engineers
  • CCNA: 2 Engineers

Technical Service Process
This process can be best divided into following processes and their monitoring systems

  • Call logging system
  • Call Allocation and Completion system
  • Broken call
  • Spares availability
  • Response time to calls
  • Time to repair
  • Total Up-time

Customer First process
We have well tested setup for our customer services division and the processes related to customers are well defined. Our customer first process can be best summed up by our Customer complaint and query process. This helps us identify the potential causes hampering client satisfaction and elimination of root causes resulting in better uptime for the machines and higher productivity






Client List


Computers, Laptops, Servers, Basic and high end software, Peripherals, DG Sets, Cubicles etc.

Delivery Time

We can deliver all the above within 24 hours in any configuration and quantity.